Cancana through its land banking strategy has now acquired a total of 9 claims with a total of 45,372.37 hectares of mainly contiguous Manganese bearing mineral claims in the state of Rondonia, Brazil. These claims are held by Cancana’s wholly owned Brazilian Subsidiary M.L.B. de Nogueira Mineração, (M.L.B.).

Cancana initially focused its efforts for research and trial mining on an area where surface showings were prevalent and it afforded easy access to the claim area as well as main civic roads. The area is approximately 30 km east of Espigao D’Oeste, Rondônia. Access is by all weather, municipal dirt roads leading from Espigao D’Oeste. Cancana will continue to increase its resource by continued exploration research and NI 43-101 reporting on the overall land package.

Cancana recently commissioned an initial NI 43-101 report in order to establish and validate an initial trial mining area. This was completed on a claim known as “241”. Research and exploration was conducted inside claim 241 on an area of 2.97 hectares. The claim 241 is 5,417.35 hectares in size and a total of 37,965 hectares are owned by Cancana. Sampling throughout the entire 37,965 hectares suggests that these are all manganese bearing claims. Further exploration and research will be required throughout the entire claim package to confirm and establish a resource.

November 21, 2020 Cancana published the initial NI 43-101 Report and this demonstrated and Inferred Resource of 8,775 tonnes of Manganese with an average grade ofI54%.

The second phase of this NI 43-101 Report is ongoing and will be in an area that is immediately adjacent to the 2.97 hectares completed in the initial report. Extrapolating this resource into the adjacent area of research will demonstrate 18 to 20,000 tonnes of Direct Shipping Ore that will meet the first 12 months of projections and generate in excess of $5.0 million of revenue.

Summary from NI 43-101 Report (November 21, 2020)

During October / November 2012, 30 days were spent on Cancana’s manganese claims in Rondonia, Brazil. The author reviewed the land position, their showings and their exploration programs potential for additional resources. The initial showing, 241NC has a current Inferred Resource of 8,775 tonnes of mineralization with an average grade of 54% manganese taken from an area of approximately 3 ha. Eight samples were collected and brought to Canada for assay. The samples ranged from 46.23% Mn to 60.4% Mn with the averaged value being 53.7% Mn. Cancana has a large land position (37,965.49 ha) in very prospective terrain. Very little exploration has been performed to date. Cancana needs to initiate regional exploration programs aimed at identifying manganese occurrences with follow up leading to resource and reserve calculations. (JOHN HARPER INDEPENDENT QP)

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