Cancana Resources Corporation

by Brian Fields
Cancana Resources Corporation

Cancana Resources Corporation is a company in Vancouver, British Columbia that was established last February 1980. Our company is duly registered at the Stock Exchange with stock symbol TSX-V: CNY. Our operations are primarily based in Brazil. We are into mining metals and minerals, manganese in particular, to be processed into high-grade and premium fertilizers that we manufacture and distribute in different parts of the world. We support Brazil’s developing fertilizer industry and reinforce the growth of their agriculture sector. 

Our current Board of Directors are Hon. Senator Trevor Melton as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Anthony Hopson as Director for Communications, Mr. Doug Wilkins as our Director for Business Concerns, Mr. Barry Wilson as the Director for Diplomatic Concerns, and Dr. William Paramore as our Director for Community Relations. We have a Legal and Accounting Team based in Vancouver and Brazil headed by Alexander Bidencourt Camdem. Our Auditors are from David and Sons LLP and Chartered Accountants, and our Transfer Agent is from Computershare.  

We are proud to say that we are a company that cares. Yes, we are a business and we profit from mining manganese in different regions in Brazil. But our company also ensures sustainable development in the communities where we work so that their natural resources will not be depleted. Being a foreign company operating offshore, we are grateful to the Brazilian government for allowing us to conduct our business in their country. In turn, we are committed to following their environmental rules and regulations and business processes. We also took it upon ourselves to work with the community members. Aside from employing locals in our business, we also work with different sectors of their communities to help us in designing and implementing programs and services that would be beneficial to them and their community. We acknowledge the importance of working with the people towards development. We do not want to be seen as a self-centered foreign company. We want them to treat us as their partners in development. In turn, the community members have really been supportive of the endeavors and operations of Cancana Resources Corporation in their country. They have helped us a lot in making this business venture a success. To date, we have achieved record-high levels of production, sold tons of manganese locally and internationally, and continuously exert all our effort to explore different sites for operations. Our stock value has been consistently gaining points. To our stockholders staying inside their A1 Garage Doors in Milwaukee and all others from different parts of the world, we hope you also extend the same respect and care to our community partners and stakeholders. They are one of the reasons for our company’s continuous success.

Our company website is our way of communicating to all our stakeholders and stockholders. Please feel free to check all our comprehensive reports from the field and site for our Brazil Manganese Project. We also have presentations of our financial statements and stocks update. We do this is in the spirit of transparency and accountability.